Welcome to BiaHeal where we believe Good nutrition is the best medicine!

There is a growing trend and necessity to know how we can bring the best out of our physical body and manage our health . One of the main pillars of our health is understanding nutrition and its effect on our bodily function and cellular health.

1) In the first step we need to know: there a difference between food allergy and food sensitivity.

A food allergy is a reaction to a specific food within 8 hours of ingesting the food. Some of the symptoms are; swelling of the tongue and throat.

The food sensitivities which we would like to focus on here are different from allergies in that they are a delayed reaction that can occur up to 72 hours after ingesting the food. Food intolerance could present itself in a variety of shapes and forms, including unexpected weight gain, abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, decreased immune function, slowed metabolism, discomfort, decreased quality of life and feeling of your body in general. Food tolerance testing allows us to customize our nutrition in such a way that we could improve our overall health and bring the best out of our physical body.

2) Nourish it:
In this step, first we give our body what it needs to function in an optimal way. We eliminate potential foods that we are intolerant too and start reintroducing the essential foods that contain adequate nutrients to maintain our cellular health.

3) Restore it:
In this step, Our Nutritionist team can help you create a strong foundation by restoring healthier food and customizing your nutrition plan by providing you with a wellness plan which will include the right supplements and nutrition guidance.

Our main focus at BiaHeal is not selling the food sensitivity test, but rather provide customized health coaching to our clients at the comfort of your house. With one simple click, We provide easy at home finger stick blood testing kit to your house, so you Save time and money on doctor appointments and Nutrition consultation cost. Wellness plan prepared by our nutritionist team will be delivered to your house. You will have Live 30 min scheduled phone appointment with our accredited nutritionists to provide a customized health plan, including reviewing your wellness plan and answer any possible question.

So if you choose to order your food sensitivity kit, we would like to Congratulate you that you have taken this important step in improving your health and optimizing your gastrointestinal function!