1.How to collect my blood spot sample (with video that we have from Alltess
2. Does customers need to stop taking the ir medication or supplements before the test or taking Prolone or while on prolone?
Biaheal not recomme nd discontinuing any medication w ithout contacting your physician first.
3. How can we submit a customer suppo rt request?

You can contact customer support by three easy ways for you
1.Email us at support@biaheal .com
2.submit a customer suppo rt request by clicking on Contact Us below in the footer of th is FAQ.
3.Call us at 424.256.5357

How long does it take to receive the test result and wellness plan ?
Once your order is complete, your package will be shipped out of our fulfillment warehouse within 1 business day and you will receive your order within 3-5 business days. Once your sample reaches the lab, and they will begin processing the sample. Typically, you will see your results with in 5-1O business days of the lab having started the processing stage. As the Food Sensitivity test can take up to 1O business days to yield results. Once your lab result is ready our nutr itionist team will prepare your wellness plan within 2-3 business days and they will contact you to schedule a 30 min phone call with you. If you have questions please email us directly at support@biaheal.com

Frequently asked quest ions
1. Can Ishare my results w ith my phys ician?
Yes, Biaheal always advises you to share and discuss your results with yo ur physician /health care provider and seek their advice. Biaheal does not intended to provide any medical advice or treatment or to diagnose any disease or condition.
2. Does my health insurance company cover the test cost?
No, Biaheal is not contracted w ith any insurance companies as the home health test doesn't require an off ice vis it.
3. w hat is the difference between food allergy and food sens itivity?(we already have it)
4.W hat is the difference between 96 and 184 pane l?(we have it )
4. Should I fast prior the food sensitivity test?
No, it is not necessary to fast prior to yo ur food sens itivity test. It is also not necessary to adjust your diet in any way prior to your test. The food sens itivity test involve s taking your blood and exposing it to va rious foods to assess for an immune reaction gene rating certain types of antibodies.
The antibodies being tested are called lgG. As long as yo u have eaten a certain food within the past 4 weeks, the test should be able to detect those lgG leve ls. Conve rsely, if someo ne has removed a food f rom their diet fo r lo ng periods of time, they may or may not still have lgG reactivity detected. In general, your body will clear specific lgG antibodies not being triggered by certain foods 18 to 24 months after last exposure; however, people have been known to clear lgG both sooner and longe r than those time intervals.
6.Purchasing a kit is available to all states?
Biaheal tests are currently ava ilable to allstates but not avai lable to the residents of New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Rhode Island due to  having diffe rent medical regulations .
7.Purchasing the prolone is available to all states?
a.Purchasing the supplements is avai lable to all states? Yes
9.How can I rece ive my test result? You can download your test result via your patient portal by log in w ith the user name and password yo u registered at the time of the purchase. You will also receive a hard copy of yo ur result via email .
1O.How can I receive my wellness plan? You can dow nload your wel lness plan via your patient portal by log in w ith the user name and password you registered at the time of the purchase. You w ill also receive a hard copy of your result via mail.
11.What if Imove and my mailing address changes before I receive the lab result and we llness plan? Please notify our customer
service department w ith any changes of address via email suppo rt@biaheal.com